Cultural Attractions to Make You Travel to Paris

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Cultural Attractions to Make You Travel to Paris

Paris is always considered a good travel destination for culture lovers. Arturo Terrazas with GT Roofing San Antonio that does a lot of world traveling once shared with me that it has many churches, historic sites and museums that make it an ideal travel destination. Basically, the French capital is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. It also offers some of the best exploration opportunities. Here are some of the cultural attractions that should compel you to travel to Paris.

Museum Galore

This city has over 130 museums. Some of the obligatory stops for travelers include the Musee d’Orsay that features impressionist masterpieces and the Louvre that features the Mona Lisa. There are also museums that are entirely dedicated to the likes of August Rodin and Pablo Picasso. Basically, you will most likely not visit all museums in Paris during a single trip.


This city has churches with some of the most amazing views. Distances between this city and other cities in France are measured from the front of Notre Dame Cathedral, which is considered as the Point Zero. This cathedral is also the most visited monument in the county. It is a must-see Gothic Church that is older than 850 years. From this cathedral, you get a chance to see the iconic, Sacre-Coeur, which is a Byzantine-style church providing stunning Paris vistas.

Luxembourg Gardens

Marie de Medici conceived these gardens in the 17th century. The gardens offer reprieve from Paris to both adults and children. They are the major reason why many people visit Paris during summer or spring. In addition to the formal English and French gardens, there are over 100 statues and fountains, Puppet Theater and playgrounds that make it a perfect place to be alone, with a loved one, or family.

Historic Sites

The military history of France is palpable at Paris sites starting from the Arc de Triomphe. This is the brainchild of the Napoleon Bonaparte and King Louis- Philippe completed it in 1836. This Arc is a memorial to the fallen servicemen in France. It witnessed many momentous events in the history of France and its architectural and artistic appeal is simply amazing.

If you are a lover of culture, you should travel to Paris to enjoy the views of its cultural attractions and learn about them from friendly locals.  

Amazing Reasons to Travel Today

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Amazing Reasons to Travel Today

If you have always wanted to travel but things or people have held you back, there are many reasons why you need to travel today. They include the following.

Customs and Cultures

Traveling enables you to encounter new cultures and customs. It provides meaningful and enriching experiences. You get an opportunity to learn about other people and see different ways of doing things. When you get back home, you can try out these ways and live with different views forever.


Travel brings adventures. As such, well-traveled people tell the best stories ever. So, leave your comfort zone today to see what the world has to offer. Don’t be surprised if you like what you see out there than what you already have.

Human Connections

Among the most amazing things about humanity is the ability to connect with each other. Ethnicity or language can’t stop these connections. Actually, these barriers can enhance more profound connections. Therefore, don’t fear talking to strangers when you travel. You might end up being lifelong friends with the people that you meet when traveling.

Amazing Outdoors

Many people love traveling because it gives them a chance to experience the glory of nature. When you visit the most beautiful places in the world, you enjoy the experience. Traveling enables you to see the beauty of nature.


You want to know what people at far-flung travel destinations eat. In fact, you can sum up the culture of some people in what they eat and how they eat it. So, go out there today to have a taste of other people’s food.


When you travel, you get a chance to be away from your immediate location. This gives you a chance to think deeply and reflect on what you have been doing in life. Therefore, don’t fear lonely moments when you can reflect on your life away from home.

So, if you have not been traveling, these are some of the amazing reasons to travel today. Pack your bag and head out there to a destination that you have always wanted to travel to.

Best Travel Destinations for 2018

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Best Travel Destinations for 2018

Whether you are a new or a seasoned traveler, you want to go to a destination that will give you an experience like no other. Currently, there are thousands of destinations that you can visit across the globe. Here are the best travel destinations for 2018.

London, England

This is a must-visit city for any serious traveler. If you are getting into international traveling, you need to head to London, England. This city presents many things to do. It’s also easy and cheap to get to London from most major cities in the United States. What’s more, almost everybody in London speaks English. Thus, you won’t experience the issue of language barrier when you travel to this city.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has an astonishing beauty. It has a unique landscape. Additionally, the wildlife galore that includes the Big Five is simply amazing. Travel to Cape Town now if you want to see the elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, and leopard during a single trip. Whether you like easy and slow or fast pace, there is a perfect itinerary that awaits you in Cape Town.

Auckland, New Zealand

This is a perfect travel destination for 2018. Whether you prefer kayaking to a volcano, swimming with the sharks, abseiling down an awesome waterfall, or tackling a highly challenging trail biking on a mountain, this destination has the adventure that you are looking for. Additionally, this city provides amazing entertainment and food.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is an awesome city to travel to. It’s located conveniently close to the Zurich airport. Despite being a compact city, it is quite lively. In addition to having many attractions, this city has many hiking trails outside the town.

Basically, these are the top travel destinations for 2018 that you should consider visiting. If you are planning a trip, consider them to enjoy an awesome travel experience.

Why Travel to Historical Sites with Kids

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Why Travel to Historical Sites with Kids

If you have not been traveling yet you and your kids love history, there are several reasons to travel to historical sites. Here are some of them.

Traveling to Historical Sites Bring History to Life

Traveling doesn’t mark the end of learning history. It makes learning history easier and more exciting. When you travel, you interact with the locals that know the history of the historical site or attraction better. This enables you to learn about the site better and more than you would by reading books or watching a documentary. You also learn from seeing which enhances your memorization of the historical site.

Traveling to Historical Sites Enhances Understanding of Concepts

Historical sites travel enhances boosts understanding of concepts by kids. For instance, if you read Mark Twain books on slavery, you may find the literature confusing. Some students find slavery as a topic hard to understand. However, when you take kids to Barrington Farm close to Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park, the concept becomes easier for kids. Take kids to the slave quarters and the kids will understand when you tell them how poor the slaves’ life quality was.

Helps Kids Understand the Accomplishments of Mankind

When you take kids to historical sites, they learn how people lived in the past. They learn the ways of life of their ancestors. It creates a mental picture that is completely different from what they were used to in the past. This enables them to understand the strides that man has made over the years.

Basically, traveling to historical sites enable kids to see a clearer, bigger picture. It makes them feel privileged to live in the contemporary world. They also learn about situation that led to past events and understand humanity better.

So, if you have not been traveling to historical sites with kids, consider taking them along when going on your next trip.

Here is a good article explaining further about historical traveling. Click here to check it out.

Why Thailand Should be your Next Travel Destination

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Thailand remains one of the countries that receives the highest number of tourists from around the world every year. Vacationing tourists as well as budget backpackers find this exotic destination attractive due to its colorful history, stunning beaches, exotic cuisine, wonderful climate, friendly locals, magnificent temples and scenery, and more. While Thailand has become a commonplace and a dream destination for many, some are still not convinced it’s a vacation destination worth visiting. If you’re wondering why you should choose Thailand for your vacation and not any other country, here are top reasons why it’s a destination worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Year-Round Sunshine and Pristine Beaches

Perhaps you’re not aware of the fact that there’s so much that’s been written and said about Thailand’s wonderful islands and pristine beaches. If you’re looking to enjoy warm sunshine while exploring world-class beaches, this is the place to be. No matter what time of the year you visit, expect warm weather and clear days. The beaches here are characterized by warm, crystal clear water, marine life, and stunning vistas. Water activities such as jet-ski, kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling are also available.

Terrific Thai Food

First, Thai food is inexpensive. You don’t just want to eat what hotels and tourist restaurants offer. Get out and interact with street food vendors and enjoy some delicious meals with what you might describe as pocket change. You won’t come across a tourist who didn’t like the food in Thai restaurants. The food in Thai is better than what you might have tasted those Thai restaurants back in your home country. There’s more variety and a wide selection of everything.

Friendly People

Thailand could be one of the countries you’ll find less intimidating and it has all to do with the friendly locals. From their traditional Thai greeting, the Wai, to how they carry themselves around, visitors often find Thai people warm and friendly. No wonder the country is referred to as the “land of smiles.” Nearly every person you’ll encounter in Thailand will be smiling. The locals are open, friendly, and welcoming to foreign visitors.

Renowned Nightlife

If you’re one of those travelers who thrive after dark, you’ll find every type of nightlife you could possibly imagine here. Whether you’ve spent the whole afternoon on the beach or your evening in one of the cities in Thailand, expect not to be far from the nightclubs, discos, and regular bars that continue making the country famous. The beach bars hear offer a multitude of options and could be what makes your vacation fulfilling.

Cultural Attractions

With over forty thousand Buddhist temples found in Thailand, you won’t miss at least one that captures your attention. Note that Buddhism is the country’s predominant religion and influences the culture here as well as the architecture. Besides breathtaking Buddhist temples, there are palaces, traditional shows, and museums all which make Thailand a cultural paradise. Don’t leave before you visit the King’s one-hundred-and-fifty-years old residence, the Grand Palace of 1782.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that everything is affordable in Thailand, from the food to the cost of travel. Travel in this country is cheaper compared to many other destinations. The country boats itself of a unique variety of wildlife, interesting cities, splendid shopping, adventurous excursions, festivals, and a rich history and culture.