Advice and Tips for Traveling with Family during COVID-19

Posted on 23 April 2021 (0)

Most families across the world love traveling. For some families, travel is a recreational activity and a necessity for others. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made this aspect of daily life increasingly risky. If you want to travel with your family during this pandemic, here are tips to help you stay safe.

Prepare for the Trip Together

Take your time to discuss your trip as a family. And this includes deciding on and researching your travel destination. Also, check the travel restrictions in place at your travel destination, including testing and quarantining requirements. Additionally, study the measures put in place by the foreign affairs and health ministries.

When preparing for the trip, make sure that every family member understands the importance of adhering to the safety measures spelled out by relevant authorities. What’s more, consider the available options for food, transport, and accommodation. That way, you will know the choices to go for to ensure the safety of every family member.

Take Safety Precautions When Traveling

After planning your trip, take precautions when traveling. Some of the things to do on the road include:

  • Washing hands with soap frequently using running water.
  • Rubbing hands with alcohol-based sanitizer if washing is not an option
  • Avoid touching the nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Avoiding confined, crowded, and enclosed spaces
  • Maintaining a social distance 
  • Wearing a mask in public places
  • Disinfecting and cleaning regularly and frequently touched surfaces

If any family member has a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

Upon Returning Home

After the trip, follow the requirements or recommendations from the local or national authorities. Also, continue adhering to the necessary precautions like watching for COVID-19 symptoms and seeking treatment immediately if necessary.

Follow these tips to travel with family during COVID-19 safely.

Traveling for Work During COVID 19 – Things to Know

Posted on 08 January 2021 (0)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and institutions have either canceled or postponed work travel plans. However, the situation is improving in most parts of the world, which means people will soon embark on travel. Besides, many governments have also started reducing the travel restrictions imposed earlier on. In case you are planning a work trip during the coronavirus crisis, the following are important guidelines to know. 

Travel Restrictions 

Despite the news of uplifting travel restrictions in many states around the world, the crisis persists. As such, the travel restrictions still apply but, with less-strict rules. There are some states whereby you will still not be able to gain entry until after 14-days quarantine. Therefore, it is advisable that you carefully check the specific travel restrictions at home and your intended destination. You should only travel if the prevailing restrictions do not affect your work schedule. 

Safety Measures 

While there is no significant threat in traveling during COVID-19, you should observe the stipulated safety measures at all times, especially when in public areas. Regardless of the kind of work that you will be doing, exercise social distancing, wear a mask and maintain proper personal hygiene for your safety as well as that of others. Besides, it is also very important that you get travel insurance just in case of any medical emergency or lost valuables. 

It is normal for people to have questions regarding the safety of taking work trips during the coronavirus pandemic. But, worrying over the risks will only leave you depressed. Instead, focus on the rewards that can come from your work trip. Traveling is a journey whose benefits you will only discover when you dare take on the road. So, take time to plan your trip well, keep the above ideas in mind, and make it count!

Wellness Tips that Will Revive Your Travel

Posted on 16 August 2020 (0)

If you love traveling, achieving your wellness goals can be a challenge. When traveling for work, you might not have time to stick to an exercise routine. Even when traveling for leisure, sticking to a healthy diet can be a challenge. But, it’s important to make health a priority while having fun. Here are wellness tips that will revive your travel. 

Pack Snacks 

When you pack healthy snacks, you avoid eating junk foods on the road. This enables you to keep your body energized to engage in different travel activities. You also ensure that your body gets the right nutrients. 

Carry a Yoga Mat 

Doing yoga is among the best exercises you can do while traveling. It enables you to stretch and relax your muscles, especially after sitting on a train or plane for hours. 

Carry the Right Clothes 

You might not know how the weather will be at your destination. But, you can check out the weather forecast and carry clothes that will keep your body warm or cool depending on the weather condition at your destination. Without the right clothing, you won’t be comfortable during the trip. And without comfort, your trip won’t be enjoyable. 

Carry Travel Toiletries 

You might assume that you can buy travel toiletries on the road but this doesn’t always work. It’s difficult to find a place to purchase soap or toilet papers in some places. Therefore, pack such travel essentials to ensure a convenient and enjoyable trip.

In addition to these wellness tips for reviving your travel, see your doctor before you leave, especially when traveling abroad. Share your itinerary with the doctor to help them know where you will be going and the possible threats to your health. Based on the details you will share with your doctor, they will give you the right advice and vaccinations if necessary.  

Things to Not Forget When Traveling

Posted on 31 December 2019 (0)

Putting together a successful vacation entails a lot of activities. Coupled with the anxiety of traveling, it is very easy to forget several travel essentials. Whenever that happens, it is not only the trip that may be ruined but, you could also end up spending a lot of money that was never planned for. The following are some of the most important things that you should never forget when traveling. 

Travel Documents 

Whether you are traveling locally or overseas, you will need travel documents. The most critical travel documents include a visa or passport. You may also never forget to carry your travel insurance card and emergency contacts in case you fall sick, get involved in an accident or any other problem along the road. 

Travel Devices and Accessories 

While you cannot carry all your devices when traveling, there are essential gadgets for travelers like a cell phone, a camera and a tablet or laptop that you should have on the trip. These devices will be used for communication, taking photos or documenting your adventure. Depending on the devices that you have, remember to also pack their accessories like chargers or adapters, headphones, power banks, and memory cards. 

Skincare Products 

It is also important that you carry the right skincare products that you normally use. The most essential skincare products for travelers include sunscreen lotions or creams and lip balms. Make sure that you have enough sunscreen and lip balm to last the entire trip. 

First Aid Kit 

Accidents do occur regardless of how you travel or your travel destination. Although there could be plenty of hospitals in the area, you may not always get the help that you need on time. Therefore, a small first aid kit is important for dealing with minor injuries and illnesses. Your first aid kit should comprise a few bandages, antibiotics, eye drops, tweezers, and painkillers. 

Traveling is an experience that will sometimes require you to take risks. But, your safety and the objectives of the trip should always take precedence. The above travel items will help you to stay safe and also add a little fun to the adventure. 

Understanding the Needs of Your Business Travel Insurance

Posted on 26 August 2019 (0)

If you travel for business more often, you need business travel insurance that provides adequate protection. Dr Coto, the expert in the Costa Rica Dental Implant procedures and providers, once shared that business travelers see the world differently. They know the coolest airport lounges and how to sniff out quality coffee. However, when it comes to spontaneity and flexibility, business travelers are more constrained. Since they go on unique journeys, their insurance needs are also unique. Here are important needs of business travel insurance to consider when purchasing insurance. 

Emergency Evacuation 

You might not imagine that your business travel destination has a risk of earthquakes, volcanoes, political instability and monsoons. However, some of these things can happen and necessitate emergency evacuation. Additionally, if you travel to developing countries for business, you should have an adequate medical coverage. This will enable you to receive global standards emergency medical attention if you need it in such countries. 

Baggage Coverage 

You don’t want to imagine having your presentation blazer or polished shoes go missing. But, you can lose your baggage when traveling. The expensive irreplaceable product samples or tech gears in the carry-on bag can disappear. Therefore, make sure that you have adequate coverage for your baggage. Business appropriate clothing or a custom suit may cost more than basic baggage. As such, the cost of quality baggage protection can be higher. 

Trip Interruption and Cancellation Coverage 

This is a familiar scenario for most business travelers. You spend a significant amount of money or a small fortune preparing for your lifetime presentation. What’s more, you spent money planning the trip because there is so much that hangs on it. Unfortunately, a volcanic ash grounds all flights meaning you can’t travel. An impending terrorist attack can also lead to travel restrictions. Such occurrences can lead to the interruption or cancellation of your trip. A good travel insurance policy will protect you from loses that can arise from trip interruption and cancellation. 

If you intend to engage in adventurous activities during your business trip, get a policy that covers adventure travel too. This will ensure your protection no matter what you do when traveling.