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Cultural Attractions to Make You Travel to Paris

Posted on 22 November 2018 by (0)

Cultural Attractions to Make You Travel to Paris

Paris is always considered a good travel destination for culture lovers. Arturo Terrazas with GT Roofing San Antonio that does a lot of world traveling once shared with me that it has many churches, historic sites and museums that make it an ideal travel destination. Basically, the French capital is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. It also offers some of the best exploration opportunities. Here are some of the cultural attractions that should compel you to travel to Paris.

Museum Galore

This city has over 130 museums. Some of the obligatory stops for travelers include the Musee d’Orsay that features impressionist masterpieces and the Louvre that features the Mona Lisa. There are also museums that are entirely dedicated to the likes of August Rodin and Pablo Picasso. Basically, you will most likely not visit all museums in Paris during a single trip.


This city has churches with some of the most amazing views. Distances between this city and other cities in France are measured from the front of Notre Dame Cathedral, which is considered as the Point Zero. This cathedral is also the most visited monument in the county. It is a must-see Gothic Church that is older than 850 years. From this cathedral, you get a chance to see the iconic, Sacre-Coeur, which is a Byzantine-style church providing stunning Paris vistas.

Luxembourg Gardens

Marie de Medici conceived these gardens in the 17th century. The gardens offer reprieve from Paris to both adults and children. They are the major reason why many people visit Paris during summer or spring. In addition to the formal English and French gardens, there are over 100 statues and fountains, Puppet Theater and playgrounds that make it a perfect place to be alone, with a loved one, or family.

Historic Sites

The military history of France is palpable at Paris sites starting from the Arc de Triomphe. This is the brainchild of the Napoleon Bonaparte and King Louis- Philippe completed it in 1836. This Arc is a memorial to the fallen servicemen in France. It witnessed many momentous events in the history of France and its architectural and artistic appeal is simply amazing.

If you are a lover of culture, you should travel to Paris to enjoy the views of its cultural attractions and learn about them from friendly locals.