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How to Make Traveling Less Miserable when You Have Pet Allergy

Posted on 15 June 2019 by (0)

Allergic travelers face off with dogs and cat owners during flights. However, if you learn ways to minimize allergy symptoms during a flight, you can enjoy a decent flight. Here are some of the ways to make traveling less miserable if you have pet allergy.

Wipe Down Your Space

Talk to flight attendants about your allergy. Let them allow you to pre-board and wipe down the area where you will seat. This includes the tray table, armrest, and fabric seats. Use wet wipes to wipe down your space.

Sit Away from Cats and Dogs if Possible

Contact your airline in advance to ask whether there is a passenger that will be traveling with a pet and request to be allowed to seat away from passengers with pets. However, don’t forget that though proximity can help some people, symptoms are almost impossible to avoid. But sitting in one row with a passenger with a pet is not smart at all.

Consider Flight Length

Sitting around a pet longer will make your allergic reaction worse. Airlines have varying rules in terms of the number of pets they allow onboard. However, service animals may not be included. When taking a longer-haul flight, book with an airline with the lowest pet limits to reduce your exposure.

Carry Medication

Carry medication and don’t stow or check them. This will enable you to have your medication closer just in case you experience symptoms.

Wear Sunglasses and a Scarf

Sunglasses and a scarf will allergy-proof you during the flight. Sunglasses ensure that your eyes do not get into contact with allergens.

Avoid Airline Pillows and Blankets

Airplanes are generally not cleaned regularly. Pillows and blankets are likely to have been used by many passengers who might have pets in their homes. That means they passed pet dander from their hair and clothes to these pillows and blankets. So, avoid them completely.

Once you alight from the plane, take a shower as soon as possible. This will help you get rid of pet hair or dander that you might have picked from the plane.