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How to Travel with an Infant on a Plane

Posted on 07 October 2022 by (0)

Traveling with an infant or any other baby under two can be a big challenge, especially if you travel by air and long distances. It requires a lot of preparations to ensure that your baby is not only comfortable but also safe; before, during, and after the flight. Here are some tips that will help:


There is no way to prepare a baby ahead of time, but if you are traveling with a toddler, a little inception may be vital. Plant the idea that traveling is fun and even make a game at home beforehand. 


If it is your first time traveling with a baby, you will have to pack more items than when traveling alone. Also, choosing the right carry-on bag can be a lifesaver. The bag should be easy to lift and roll and fall within the airline’s weight limitations. The checklist on your carry-on bag should include; diapers, a diaper changing pad, wet wipes, a baby blanket, plenty of baby foods, and plenty of non-noisy toys, among other things. Importantly, bring along your essential documents like valid passports and visas. Please print them and have them handy to save time at the airport. Also, if you plan on having them saved on the phone, ensure you don’t run out of battery.

The Trip

It is essential to arrive at the airport early even if you’ve already made the necessary preparation. Change the baby’s diaper before boarding, avoid breastfeeding the baby, and consider taking your stroller and checking it in at the gate. During the flight, make an effort to keep the baby hydrated because flights cause dehydration.

Final Thoughts 

With good planning, putting on the right gear, and the willingness to make many lists of items required during the flight, traveling with a baby can be significantly more accessible.