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Why Thailand Should be your Next Travel Destination

Posted on 19 October 2018 by (0)

Thailand remains one of the countries that receives the highest number of tourists from around the world every year. Vacationing tourists as well as budget backpackers find this exotic destination attractive due to its colorful history, stunning beaches, exotic cuisine, wonderful climate, friendly locals, magnificent temples and scenery, and more. While Thailand has become a commonplace and a dream destination for many, some are still not convinced it’s a vacation destination worth visiting. If you’re wondering why you should choose Thailand for your vacation and not any other country, here are top reasons why it’s a destination worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Year-Round Sunshine and Pristine Beaches

Perhaps you’re not aware of the fact that there’s so much that’s been written and said about Thailand’s wonderful islands and pristine beaches. If you’re looking to enjoy warm sunshine while exploring world-class beaches, this is the place to be. No matter what time of the year you visit, expect warm weather and clear days. The beaches here are characterized by warm, crystal clear water, marine life, and stunning vistas. Water activities such as jet-ski, kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling are also available.

Terrific Thai Food

First, Thai food is inexpensive. You don’t just want to eat what hotels and tourist restaurants offer. Get out and interact with street food vendors and enjoy some delicious meals with what you might describe as pocket change. You won’t come across a tourist who didn’t like the food in Thai restaurants. The food in Thai is better than what you might have tasted those Thai restaurants back in your home country. There’s more variety and a wide selection of everything.

Friendly People

Thailand could be one of the countries you’ll find less intimidating and it has all to do with the friendly locals. From their traditional Thai greeting, the Wai, to how they carry themselves around, visitors often find Thai people warm and friendly. No wonder the country is referred to as the “land of smiles.” Nearly every person you’ll encounter in Thailand will be smiling. The locals are open, friendly, and welcoming to foreign visitors.

Renowned Nightlife

If you’re one of those travelers who thrive after dark, you’ll find every type of nightlife you could possibly imagine here. Whether you’ve spent the whole afternoon on the beach or your evening in one of the cities in Thailand, expect not to be far from the nightclubs, discos, and regular bars that continue making the country famous. The beach bars hear offer a multitude of options and could be what makes your vacation fulfilling.

Cultural Attractions

With over forty thousand Buddhist temples found in Thailand, you won’t miss at least one that captures your attention. Note that Buddhism is the country’s predominant religion and influences the culture here as well as the architecture. Besides breathtaking Buddhist temples, there are palaces, traditional shows, and museums all which make Thailand a cultural paradise. Don’t leave before you visit the King’s one-hundred-and-fifty-years old residence, the Grand Palace of 1782.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that everything is affordable in Thailand, from the food to the cost of travel. Travel in this country is cheaper compared to many other destinations. The country boats itself of a unique variety of wildlife, interesting cities, splendid shopping, adventurous excursions, festivals, and a rich history and culture.